Sabat Company has a financial support fund, with the goal of assisting the poor. Since Sabat's establishment, a decided percentage of the company's margin has been transferred to this fund, and the money has been used to support sick people (especially cancer sick children and adults), poor students, poor young people getting married (please notice the Middle Eastern marriage tradition of dowries). The fund has also been used to support the victims of natural catastrophes, such as those in Haiti, Afghanistan, and most recently the region of Wan in east Turkey. Using the money from this fund, with additional funds from the company, major projects have already been accomplished, such as the building of a primary school, renovation of a main road to dozens of villages in Iraqi Kurdistan, the installation of solar panelsin poor villages and the establishment of settlement houses for the homeless.

How can poor people benefit from this fund?
Please, if you know somebody, or yourself, who are in need of support, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives in Kurdistan to arrange a meeting. Based on the received information, the company decides the amount of the support.