This morning the delegate with Sabat's managers were visiting the warehouse and later Sabat's mainoffice

 Upon their arrival to the warehouse, the delegate was welcommed by the responsible of the storage (Ahmed)  and his deputy (Sellah). Mr. Ahmed explained the working procedure in the storage. The delegate was guided through the whole warehouse, where they could experience the wellorganized working process there. According to the schedualed plan, the delegate was directed to Sabat's main office, where they were warmly welcommed by Sabat's staff. According to the plan, the delegate was later meeting Sabat's main clients, there they could hear the complains and the satisifactions directly from the clients. During this meeting, Mr. Per Moberg (Fretex International AS's general manager) was telling the clients about Fretex's working procedure in detail. Furthermore, the delegate had a long meeting with Sabat's CEO (Hassan Baker) and Sabat's Europe manager (Mariwan Baker), where the static of 13 years working was presented by Mariwan. After lunch, the delegate was guided through the second hand market, where they could experience how the imported goods were represented.