Sorting process of used clothing:

  • Clothes are sorted from shoes, bags, and toys in collected original.
  • Worn items, destoryed pieces, and sweaters are defined as trash, thus sorted out.
  • The rest is packed in: Big sacks "NOT PRESSED" (170-190Kg/Sack),  Pressed Big bales (210-260Kg/bale), or large pressed big bales (370-410Kg/bale)
  • Different sorting and packing process is due to that our goods are loaded from 8 different sorting places in Sweden and Norway
  • Price/Kg: Since our clothes are sorted differently, with different packaging and also different palces with various standard of living, the quality varies from one place to other, therefore a price-range is presented. Please contact us to receive price_list.

Big Bales (380-420Kg)                                  Big Sacks (180-200Kg)                               Big Bales (210-260Kg)