Sabat Group expanding.
After our opening in Dubai we have expanded our sorting plant during the last two years. We have now a sorting plant that can sort and make 45 kgs bales to our Group companies in Iraq.
Below you can see some pictures of our sorting plant in Dubai.

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Our produced bales, using raw materials from Scandinavia, in Dubai transports to our large warehouse.
All our bales are sent to Sabat’s warehouse in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, to be sold during the winter season. Several loads with summer bales have also reached our clients in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, as complement to our big bales which has been sold in the market for over 17 years.
As all our customers aware of, our raw material comes from Norway and Sweden. This will guarantee the absolute highest quality of second hand clothes and we are proud to mention that our suppliers are making all efforts to maintain the high quality clothing.

All our companies and outlets have all necessary licenses and permits needed in their respective country and/or city to secure our future work as well as a comfort for both employees and customers.
This was some news and updates regarding us, Sabat Group, your supplier of Second Hand Clothes, Shoes and Bric n' Brac (households items and decorations, ornaments etc).


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