Some of Sabat's bales with green colour straps can be rebaled in Nairobi, where black strap is used.
This procedure is done for those bales that can be deformed due to offloading/reloading.

Rebaled in Nairobi using black straps                Original bales from Dubai

Sabat's CEO "Mariwan Baker" visits Kenyan branch in Gikomba/Nairobi. (August 2014)

Sabat's CEO         One of Sabat's shop in Gikomba

SGS: Sabat's products are inspected by SGS/ Dubai, after beeing fumigated.

45 Kg bales to African market! updated 10.05.2014
Experts in sorting directly from Africa have sorted and designed the bales to match the African market.



First bales March 2014     Bales in the warehouse   Robust press machine


Transparent bales with GREEN stripes and "SABAT" label

Sabat is a Worldwide Trading company

Sabat was established in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2005, and our main focus is the international recycling business. We are currently the largest importer of second hand goods in Iraq. The second hand goods are divided in different categories, such as used summer and winter clothing, summer and winter shoes, bags, toys, household items, blankets, and more. The goods are well presented and mainly come from Sweden and Norway. Due to the high standard of living in these countries, our goods are recognized to be of very high quality. Sabat is now also registered in Dubai, and we are looking for serious partners in Africa who wish to establish long term business relationships.

Since its creation, Sabat has expanded very fast and has also been capable of broadening its business further in the fields of international transport. Sabat was registered as a company in Turkey in 2008, which opened up new opportunities for establishing direct international business relationships. Since then Sabat has been able to transport goods from all over the world to Iraqi Kurdistan. It is worth mentioning that a Sabat subsidiary company (HM) is involved in the contractor business, and has already accomplished a number of different projects, such as a major olive garden project in the vicinity of Sulaymaniyah province.
Sabat's motto is: "The Environment Is Our Highest Priority". Based on that motto, Sabat has already accomplished a number of smaller projects in the field of renewable energy generation using solar panels. Our future plans involve more investments in this promising field. The results of international environmental research have demonstrated beyond doubt the importance of recycling and renewable energy for the environment, and as a business we wish to act responsibly to benefit the larger community.

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Second Hand

Sabat Company has been involved in SECOND HAND business for about 15 years.

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Sabat Transport

Sabat Company is capable of transporting goods from whole the world to Middle East.

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cat name
 HM Contractor

HM is a contrator company which is acting as an active subsidiary of Sabat Company.

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